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Laughter Yoga Workshop

Good Day,

The Salt Lake City Fall Laughter Yoga Leader training is SET!!! I am excited to share the following details with you because you’ve expressed an interest in becoming a Laughter Yoga Leader. So, here we gooooo…………..

The training will be held in Salt Lake City Utah at the Sorenson Multi-Cultural Center on:

Friday, November 15th 5:30-8:30pm*
Saturday, November 16th 9:00am-6:00pm
Sunday, November 17th 1:00 – 5:00pm

To reserve a place in this training please pay the $295 registration fee either through Paypal (see instructions below) or simply mail a check (payable to: Karen Bayard) to 259 Kelsey Avenue, Salt Lake City, Utah 84111.
PayPal Instructions:

Log onto (if you have one, log into your PayPal account)
Click “BUY” (account users click on “Send Money”)
Enter the email address you want to send money to and the amount you want to send $295.
Select “Purchase” or “Personal” then choose the reason for the payment (click on “Services” or type in “Laughter Yoga”)
Click “Continue”
Review the amount, the payment method and shipping address.
Add a message (if you want to), then click “Send Money.”
PayPal will send me an email letting me know that money is available & I will send you a confirmation of your registration*. Once the transfer is complete the LY manual e-book will be sent to you. Please note: The registration fee is non-refundable.

I hope you’ll choose to join us. We will have a wonderful time laughing & learning together.

With Gobs of Giggles,

Karen Michelle Bayard

*For the first time ever, the Friday night session will be open to the public. We will begin with a laughter yoga session followed by a film. The fee for this event is $10 for the public. Free for registered trainees.

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