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Simple Pleasures Program

Attached are some great sensory activities.  The program is called “simple pleasures” and has been found to reduce agitation in severely impaired residents.  The first link provides information about the program, and the second link has a list of the simple pleasures activities.   The great thing about this program is that the item’s are relatively cheap to make, and you can have some of your residents or volunteers help make them.

Simple Pleasures Program Information

Simple Pleasures Activity Interventions


Snow Day Crafts

Winter Snowflake Classroom Decoration and Kids Craft

Snowflake Wreath –

how to make snowmen from a glove

Handful of Snowmen


For Peculiar People Day, have fun with residents as they create their self-portraits using blank faces, yarn, and googly eyes. Provide residents with picture frames for their self-portraits.




Make your own icy mobiles

Icy Mobiles

Winter Sponge Paintings

Encourage residents to paint winter scenes using sponge brushes. Once dry, hang the art on the wall in a hallway and designate it as the “art gallery.”

Snowman in a Baggie...sooo easy!

17 "winter" crafts



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Ring In The New Year With These Fun Recipes

Fruit n' Yogurt Party Cones

How to Make Edible Glitter

Taco Cupcakes

Cinnamon Sugar Pull-Apart Muffins

Mini Corn Dog Muffins with Sriracha

Mediterranean Crescent Pinwheels

NYE App: Shrimp Puffs

Tex-Mex Ranch Potatoes

Hot Chocolate + Cereal = Like!

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Activity Materials (A New Day Resources)

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