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This forum is to foster collaboration between TRT’s in efforts of providing exceptional services to our clients.  Many of us struggle with similar issues, and this is a means of discussing pressing issues and generating potential resolutions for all.  For example, an existing problem may be in motivating men to attend the activities.  This may have been an issue another TRT struggled with in the past, and has since found different activities that are more suited for men and therefore, increased attendance.

All in all, this is a means by which we may communicate and work together in efforts of  strengthening our department and profession.

Here’s some generic starter questions, so feel free to post responses 🙂

What are some things that are going well and are proving to be succesful in your facility?

What are some potential problems you are currently experiencing?

What are suggestions you may offer to others?

What advice are you seeking from others?

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Young @ heart

Over the last 25 years, there has existed a group of senior citizens living in Northampton, Massachusetts, who refuse to let age and ill health get them down. Young@Heart is a documentary based on the lives of the current singing group of 24 senior citizens, whose average age is 81, and many of whom must overcome health adversities to participate. Young@Heart is not your ordinary singing chorus, because they sing rock, punk, disco, and the average age is 81 with the oldest being 92 year old Eileen Hall. The documentary follows the group over a six-week rigorous rehearsal schedule, plus practicing at home for an upcoming sold-out concert in their home town. The group has many songs in their repertoire, but Bob Cilman, the stern but sympathetic chorus director, has added several songs for the new concert.

This is an excellent video for both you and your older viewers 🙂


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Therapeutic Recreation week July 12-18

Therapeutic Recreation Week – July 12 – 18, 2009

Celebrate with your CTRS!-NCTRC

Therapeutic Recreation Week Activities and Ideas-Recreation Therapy

Over 101 Ways of Publicizing and Promoting Recreational Therapy-ATRA

Celebrate National Therapeutic Recreation Week-NRPA

31 Ways to celebrate National Therapeutic Recreation Week: program ideas from us to you

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