Uintah Villa

09 Jun

More TimeSlips Activities!  I am having such a great time spending a few hours each day with such great clients and and Recreation Therapists!  

Spring Time in the Rockies

Uintah Villa – 6/2/2014

Suzie Shovel is a cute little girl who is three years old and is wearing a white shirt that won’t stay clean for very long.  She is playing in her mother’s garden who is a leader and will join her soon.  She is digging and shoveling like mad.  She is raking the dirt.  She is planting flowers and veggies.  She feels the thinking it feels like dirt, something wet and fertilizer.  She thinks it smells like soil.  It is spring time and she can smell flowers that are beautiful and smell like perfume and summer.  She is wearing he heavy gloves to play in the dirt.  She has a sun hat on to cover up from the sun.  She is making a mess with the water can and she lived happily ever after.


Friday Episodes in the Life of Our Children

Uintah Villa – 6/2/2014

Mickey Mantel was a cute, kind of fat little boy who is playing baseball, he has stripes on his uniform.  His uniform is in the laundry so he used his dad’s dirty uniform and shoes which are too big for him.  He is on TV.  His arms are in his shirt to hold up his pants.  He is having a good time running and playing in the dirt.  He is in a championship game and is winning but losing his pants, his mother loves him and we like him anyway.  He got kicked in the pants by his dad that is why he is running.  He is waiting for his team mates to show up so the game will start.  When he is done running all his brothers loved him.

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