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Uniquely Utah

Have you ever watched “Uniquely Utah” with your clients. I usually watched these with my clients once a week for a reminiscing group. Uniquely Utah is a channel 13 news segment which focus’ on a variety of places, buildings, people etc… which are just unique to Utah. These segments have brought many fond memories to my clients and have led up to some great discussions.

Activity: Uniquely Utah
Domain: Cognitive, social
Population: Youth, Geriatrics 
Social goals:
To develop and build communication skills.
To develop and build interpersonal skills.
To develop and build reciprocal relationship skills
To develop social confidence by developing specific skills related to social interaction and relationship development and by selecting leisure experiences that support and facilitate the development of social skills and relationships.
Cognitive goals:
To improve ability to attend.
To improve concentration skills.
To improve memory skills.
To improve goal-setting skills.
To improve problem-solving skills.

Supplies: TV, Ipad or tablet, DMHI cord or other cord needed to connect your IPad or tablet to TV

1. Pick a segment from Uniquely Utah ahead of time and have it already showing on the TV screen.
2. Sit clients in a semi circle around the TV. Be sure those who have visual and sight impairments are sitting closest to the TV.
3. Introduce to your clients to the Uniquely Utah segment. Give them a quick description of what they are about to watch. 
4. Play the segment.
5. Open up the group with discussion questions:
Remember to ask open ended questions. Every segment is different so watch it ahead of time and form your questions. Here is a few just to get started: 
Tell your clients what you liked about the segment or what you thought was interesting then ask them what they liked about it and what they thought was interested.
Have you ever been to that town if so what do you remember about that town? 
Have you ever seen (pick something out from the segment), has it changed through years, if so how has it changed?

Even if your clients are not from Utah they can still get involved. Some of my clients have reminisced about something that was similar where they lived.

I have taken my clients to some of the various places that are shown in the segments. It is fun to see their eyes light up and the conversation rolling while on the outing as they talk about what the saw in the segment.

Give it a try and let us know how it worked for you!

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