Lazy Day

19 May

Lazy Day

This past week I have had the opportunity to visit several buildings and conduct the TimeSlips activity with clients. What is TimeSlips you ask? “It is an activity which allows clients to be creative with storytelling by replacing the pressure to remember with encouragement to imagine with clients who have dementia.” TimeSlips was original developed for those who have dementia but it is also a great tool for your other clients as well. I enjoy the TimeSlips program because it allows clients to open up their mind to creativity, memories and emotions!

We would love to come and share this activity with you and your clients, please contact me at to set up a time and date.

Lazy Day

Mike and Becky went for a walk in the park around the lake, were they could see the water, waves and ducks, with their dog Fido on a calm crisp, chilly fall day. They were looking for excitement and fish in the lake. They were talking about how their day went and about Fido who was in a fight with a cat earlier in the day and lost because the cat scratched his nose. They could hear the chirping of birds and see the changing leaves in the trees around them. They saw other people and other dogs. They could smell burning leaves from a fire and when they came across the fire they took off running.

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