Running Home

18 May


This past week I have had the opportunity to visit several buildings and conduct the TimeSlips activity with clients.  What is TimeSlips you ask?  “It is an activity which allows clients to be creative with storytelling by replacing the pressure to remember with encouragement to imagine with clients who have dementia.”  TimeSlips was original developed for those who have dementia but it is also a great tool for your other clients as well.  I enjoy the TimeSlips program because it allows clients to open up there mind to creativity, memories and emotions!

We would love to come and share this activity with you and your clients, please contact me at to set up a time and date.

Here is the story Aspen Assisted Living in Ogden’s client created:

Running Home

Mickey hit the ball with his bat and heard the crack of the bat as it made contact. He started running the bases in his clothes that were too big for him. As he was running he could hear the crowd and players cheering and booing him on! He could smell the popcorn, hot dogs, peanuts, beer and the grass as he passed the bases. As Mickey approached home base his helmet came off but that didn’t stop him. He made it home with the umpire yelling “Safe”!

Activity: TimeSlips Protocol

Domain: Cognitive

Goal: To improve ability to attend

Objective: To allow clients to be creative with storytelling by replacing the pressure to remember with encouragement to imagine with clients who have dementia.

Group Size:

Wipe board or large flip board
Name tags
TV, tablet, cord

Optional Materials:
Depending on which picture you use. Pick objects to enhance the senses

Find a space that is relatively quiet and without distractions.
Turn off the TV and radio.
Silence the phone.
Put the chairs in a semi-circle, leave space between them in case you need to move right next to someone in order to be heard.
Avoid sitting at tables, as tables signify eating or other activities. This should feel like a unique, special occasion.

15 minutes to ½ hour

1) Select an image ahead of time or have a client help you choose one. If using sensory items you will need to pick the image ahead of time along with sensory objects.
2) Introduce yourself: “My name is Tracy. I’m here to do some storytelling with you today, what do you think of that?”, “It’s great to see you Bill, are you ready for the storytelling? I’m excited!”
3) Ask open ended questions:
a) Where do you think this picture is taken place at?
b) How do you think they/he/she got there?
c) What should we name this person?
d) What do think is happening in this picture?
e) What does it smell like where they are at?
f) What would you feel?
4) Echo/Write down every response/gesture that is given
5) Retell the story every 4-5 answers
6) Thank the storytellers
a) Go around to all the participants and thank them for sharing the process

Secondary Domain: Socialization
Secondary Goal: To develop and build communication skills


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