23 Nov

Functional Cognitive Activities for Adults with Brain Injury or Stroke: A Sequential Approach

This one-day seminar introduces an innovative, alternative and effective approach to TBI and stroke rehabilitation. It proposes that therapists dealing with cognitive deficits conduct therapy sessions that steer away from work on primary cognitive skills in isolation and switch to having the patient perform comprehensive activities in ‘real-life’ environments. This is accomplished by utilization of a graded sequence of functional therapy activities. The main concept behind this approach is that three global factors influence the patient’s ‘real-life’ functioning. These factors include the awareness and management of: interpersonal relationships; the environment; and time constraints. Therefore, therapy activities in this sequence have been structured to interweave the three global factors so that the patient interacts dynamically with other people, physical space and time parameters during sessions. As the patient improves, expectations for sessions change as environmental demands increase and tasks become more complex. The levels of the sequence pertain to patients ranging from inpatient rehabilitation to those in community reintegration. Participants will leave this seminar with a better understanding of how patients’ success in cognitive rehabilitation requires a multidisciplinary effort, as well as an emphasis on ‘real-life’ activities to achieve maximum independence. 6 CEUs. Fee per person EARLY BIRD 10 days before seminar: $189, $179 each for two to four people, $169 each for five or more. Fee per person REGULAR less than 10 days before the seminar: $209, $199 each for two to four, $189 each for five or more.

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