Time Survey

09 Jul
Do you ever feel like administrations are unaware of the time you spend not leading group activities? We would like you to fill out the time survey for TRT/TRS professionals. We would like to use this information for training administration and others on all the different tasks involved in our job. Please email the survey to


Recreation Department Time Survey

Name (optional)_________________          Place of employment_________________

Type of facility______________________________________________________

Position/title please circle one:   Activity aid    TRT    TRS   MTRS

Number of residents you serve (on average) _____________________________

Please list the average time you spend on each task per week– based on a 40 hour week.  Please round you time to increments of 15 minutes.  If you do not do one of the tasks listed then just leave it blank.  If you use the “other” category please describe the task and include the minutes on the blank line.  *If you do this task monthly instead of weekly please write “month” next the number of hours.

Example: Resident Council Meeting _2 /month____




            MDS interviews ______

            Skills reviews/assessments/care plans _______

            Quarterly notes ______

            Activity participation logs_______



Meetings                                                                                                       T


            Morning/stand up_______

            Fall meeting________

            IDT/ care plan meeting________


            In-services  __________

            Residents’ counsel ________

            Psychotropic meeting_______


Preparation/Planning for Activities                                                     


            Creating monthly calendar_______


            Gathering Supplies_________

            Writing activity plans________

            Planning/coordinating big events_______

            Scheduling outside entertainment________

            Planning outings_______


Implementing/Facilitating Activities                                                    


            Setting up activity_______

            Gathering residents & returning residents______

            Running the activity_______

            Cleaning up after the activity_______

            One-on-one activities________


Ancillary tasks                                                                                            


            Other committees_______

            Volunteer program_______


            Employee recognition program______

            Animal program_______

            Garden program_______

            Family/ resident problem solving meetings________

            Helping with meals_______

            Passing the mail_________

            Answering call lights________

            Smoking with residents________

            New hire orientation & staff trainings___________

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