Coloring Pages

31 May

Coloring Pages

I found this website for mandala’s for my clients.  I use these pages for a quick fill in activity and find my clients enjoy expressing their creative side through coloring the different designs.  I add in relaxing music, coloring pencils, paints and markers along with crayons, this way clients have a choice to use what ever tool they would like to express themselves with their own mandala.  I have some clients who will use every tool on their mandala.  When I have a client who is agitated this activity has been very helpful in decreasing agitation.    Some of my clients have expressed to me how relaxing coloring is for them.  I also use coloring to work on fine motor skills also.  I find staff will join in and start up engaging discussions with my clients about childhood memories or ask questions about their mandala.  Their are many ways to use mandala’s including anger management.  If you are working with a client who has anger management issues have them pick colors that express anger and ask them why and how they feel with those colors.  Then pick another mandala have have them pick colors which make them feel calm.  The possibilities are endless!   What I like about coloring is; it is non threatening, the freedom to be creative, the soothing effects it has for my clients, clients have felt they have accomplished a great piece of art and no matter how it is colored they will always be perfect!  How would you use these mandala’s?

Mandala coloring pagesMandala coloring pages


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