Olympiatrics or the Utah Golden Games

19 Apr
Bring the games back!  URTA is putting together the  Olympiatrics or the Utah Golden Games back together!  If you are interested in getting involved please contact them!
Do you remember the Olympiatrics or the Utah Golden Games? How much satisfaction and joy our residents got out of them!
If you do not remember this wonderful program, here is a brief overview:
The “Games” were put together by RT’s in long term, rehab centers, assisted living and other facilities as a yearly event to promote exercise, friendly competition and a healthy lifestyle in residents in various settings/age groups. We offered different categories to compete in which included, bowling, darts, basketball, golfing, horseshoes, kickball, volleyball,  bean bag toss, walk/wheelchair races and a fun dance competition. The residents would generally practice and train all year long and when the day finally arrived, we would all gather at a centralized location and hold the “Games”. It generally lasted all day. There was a small charge for each entrant, which covered the cost of T-shirts and medals/certificates. At the end of competition, the residents would receive 1st, 2nd and 3rdplace awards in each category.  Even if they didn’t win, each received a special certificate for participation, a T-shirt and a great time.
We are interested in starting the games up again and are willing to head the committee.
What we would need is a count of about how many facilities are interested, and how many would be willing to let us use equipment the day of the event. (Bowling sets, dart sets, golf clubs, and basketball hoops, etc.)
We also would love to have you on the committee! Help us bring back the games to our residents!
Please contact Jena VanBuskirk, 801-458-0363 or Amber Andreason, 801-425-0243 with questions, concerns and please let us know your thoughts!

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