CEU Clarification

15 Jan

With the new changes in the CEU’s there have been some confusion to how many CEU’s RT’s need to obtain before May, how to get CEU’s, who can present CEU’s, and where to get CEU’s.  Hopefully I can help clarify these questions and answer any others you may have.

Let’s start at the top with this new law and what it says:

Rule R156-40. Recreational Therapy Practice Act Rule.

As in effect on December 1, 2012

R156-40-304. Continuing Education.

In accordance with Section 58-40-304, qualified continuing education requirements are established as follows:

(1) All licensed MTRS, TRS, and TRT’s shall complete 20 hours of qualified continuing education or provide a current CTRS certification during each two-year period of licensure.

(2) Qualified continuing education hours for licensees who have not been licensed for the entire two- year period will be prorated from the date of licensure.

(3) Continuing education under this section shall:

(a) be relevant to the licensee’s professional practice;

(b) be prepared and presented by individuals who are qualified by education, training and experience to provide recreational therapy continuing education; and

(c) have a method of verification of attendance and completion.

(4) Credit for continuing education shall be recognized in accordance with the following:

(a) unlimited hours shall be recognized for continuing education completed in blocks of time of not less than 50 minutes in formally established classroom courses, seminars, lectures, conferences or training sessions which meet the criteria listed in Subsection (3) above, and which are approved by, conducted by, or under the sponsorship of:

(i) the Division of Occupational and Professional Licensing;

(ii) recognized universities and colleges; or

(iii) professional associations, societies and organizations representing a licensed profession whose program objectives relate to the practice of recreational therapy;

(b) a maximum of ten hours per two-year period may be recognized for teaching continuing education courses relevant to recreational therapy;

(c) a maximum of 12 hours per two-year period may be recognized for continuing education that is provided via the internet and/or webinar which provides a certificate of completion;

(d) a maximum of six hours per two-year period may be recognized for continuing education provided by the Division of Occupational and Professional Licensing;

(e) a maximum of four hours per two-year period may be recognized for CPR and first aid certification through a live course, not online; and

(f) a maximum of six hours per two-year period may be recognized for publications in an article, journal, newsletter or other professional publications.

(5) If properly documented that a licensee is subject to circumstances which prevent that licensee from meeting the continuing education requirements established under this section, the licensee may be excused from the requirement for a period of up to three years. However it is the responsibility of the licensee to document the reasons and justify why the requirement could not be met.

(6) A licensee shall be responsible for maintaining competent records of completed qualified continuing education for a period of six years and if requested, demonstrate the licensee meets requirements under this section.

Now that we have what it say’s, what does it all mean?  This came into effect on December 1, 2012 which means CUE’s will be prorated and RT’s will need to get six hours by May 31, 2013.  Every two years RT’s need to get 20 hours.  CEU’s can be obtained by attending ATRA conference, URTA conferenceTherapeutic Recreation workshops, seminars. webinars and online training to name a few.  There are a few things you need to keep in mind when attending these venue’s in order to get the CEU’s.

1.  The presenter needs to be “qualify to teach” recreation therapy context.  This does not mean the presenter needs to be a Recreation Therapist.  For instance an SSW would be able to teach context relevant to recreation therapy but a Hospital Administrator would not unless they have qualifications.  You need to make sure you have the qualifications of the presenter so there is no misunderstandings and keep this information in a file.

2.  Online presentations and webinars apply to the the same qualifications.  When participating in an online/webinar training’s make sure the creditials are clearly outlined as to who put it together and what resources were used.

3.  You can only get a max of 12 hours of CEU’s from internet based presentations.

4.  Calculating CEU’s is as follows:

1 contact/classroom hour = .1 CEU or 10 contact/classroom hour = 1.0 CEU

If you attend a conference for 4 hours then you will receive .4 CEU’s.

5.  You are responsible for keeping track of you CEU’s.  On the home page of click on training and under the documentation section you will find an RT CEU Tracking form button.  You will be able to pull up the tracking sheet and utilize this in keeping track of your CEU’s.  Place this in a file you are keeping all your CEU information.

I hope this clears up some of the muddy waters on this new law.  If you have any more questions please feel free to ask and we will find out the answer for you. 

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