Boys Only Allowed

10 Oct

Men’s group activities can be a challenge to plan at times, but they are also rewarding.  Take a little time to listen to the men in your facility, find out what their interests and needs are, see what they would like to do and go from there.  Your senior men will participate more if they are part of the planning process, have them help you plan the activities, have them help you set up and promote the activities.  I have found having male department heads and/or other staff participate is also beneficial.  Sometimes they don’t want to “hang” out with me and would prefer it to be an “all man’s group”, don’t take offence it will be okay for a male volunteer or other staff member to run the activity.

Here are some ideas which have worked for me or other RT’s:


  • Woodworking; building birdhouses, trains, cars
  • Model planes, cars
  • Hold your Pine Wood Derby Event with local Cub Scout Group.  Have your men construct their own cars or help a cub and hold event at your building.

Men’s Game Nights:

  • Poker night.  Serve pretzels and root beer.
  • Checkers and chess
  • Yahtzee
  • Dominoes
  • Uno
  • Black Jack Night

Helping out in the facility:

  • Responsible for flag.  Raising and lowering everyday
  • Water plants
  • Put bird seeds out for birds
  • Washing off patio furniture
  • Planting trees and seeds
  • Weed flower beds
  • Feed facility animals dogs, cats, fish
  • Rake leaves
  • Sweep


  • Romeos (Retired Old Men Eating Out), who wear a red baseball hat emblazoned
    with the word ROMEO. Their website is
  • Red Suspenders Club (The Red Hat club for men)
  • Plaid Flannel Shirt Society
  • Men’s Red Cap Club
  • Talking Sports
  • Talking Politics
  • Sports Night: Monday night football, Sunday night football, college football, basketball night, baseball night… serve root beer, hot dogs in a blanket, chips and salsa, get rowdy and have FUN
  • Listen to talk radio and have a discussion group
  • Collectors Club
  • Wii Bowling League: start a league just for men and have competitions between the women and staff


  • Men’s Breakfast Club – serve breakfast for the men once a month in your activities room.  Serve eggs to order, bacon, waffles, omelets, breakfast burritos ect… choose a theme each month and cook it right there for them
  • Coffee klatch
  • Happy Hour- serve non-alcoholic drink mixes and serve cheese, crackers and popcorn.   Play music from the World War 2 era and talk about the good old days

Movie night:

  • War movies
  • John Wayne
  • Sports
  • Netflix is great for classic old movies
  • Serve pizza, snacks and drinks

Other fun “men” stuff”

  • Service projects
  • Camp out – this is really fun!  Have the men help you pitch a tent, if you can try and get one of those old big  army tents or similar to it.  Get a cooler, sleeping bag, and camp chairs.  Get the grill going (this is your fire pit), serve hobo meals, hot dogs, and/or s’mores.  Tell ghost stories, and sing old camp songs.
  • Golf course around the building
  • Men’s only bible study group
  • Horse shoes
  • Sport Trivia
  • Play Basketball – get a nerf or swimming pool basketball hoop, both work well and start shooting some hoops


  • Take a tour of Home Dept or Lowes
  • Fishing trips
  • Men’s only van ride
  • Visit a local farm or ranch
  • Coffee shop
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