Active or Passive?

20 Sep

Here is a quick reference to documenting participation sheets.  It is important to have correct and updated documentation.  Please make sure all your staff members know the difference between being active and passive.   

Active: Resident is actively participating in group ie: interacting with other residents and RT

Passive: Resident is at activity but is not interacting with RT or other residents.  Resident is sitting on the outside of group.  Resident fell asleep while in activity.  This may also apply if the resident wandered from activity and was not able to be redirected back, please make note how long resident stayed in activity.

Therapy:  Resident was unable to attend due to s/he was in PT,OT,ST

Refused: Resident refused to attend activity

Independent: Resident did not attend activity due to s/he was involved in independant leisure ie: reading, watching TV, listening to music, participating in in-room craft, word searches or puzzles, family visits

Resident not available:  Resident was in the shower, out on a doctors appointments, out with family or friends

Having updated, complete and correct participation sheets facilitates in writing progress notes later on.   


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