Sensory kits and Themes

14 Sep


Excerpt: The following are some examples of male-oriented kits:
1)Men’s Kit (a general kit)
•Olfactory-cologne, shoe polish, shaving cream, woodchips (cedar, hickory, mesquite) etc.
•Tactile-sandpaper, necktie, pocket watch, comb, work gloves, paintbrush, etc.
•Auditory-marching or military music or favorite genre, sounds of nature/animals, etc.
•Visual-nostalgic and family photos, personal memorabilia, etc.
•Gustatory-various food and drinks in accordance with the resident’s diet
•Kinesthetic-simple jigsaw puzzles, variety of balls, blocks of wood for sanding, etc.

2)Tool Box-fill a plastic tool box with items such as a paintbrush, tape measure, large nuts/bolts, sandpaper, different types of wood such as oak or hickory, leveler, wood chips, etc.

3)Backpack-fill a backpack with camping/hiking gear such as a mess kit, canteen, compass, flashlight, binoculars, pine cones, pine aromas, etc.

4)Tackle Box-fill a plastic tackle box with items such as fishing lures, reels, small rod, bobbers, etc. (remove all hooks), vanilla extract (often used on hands to cover-up fishy smell)
5)Cooler-fill a small cooler with sporting event items such as: water bottle, binoculars, pictures of sports teams, sunglasses, vintage beer ads, baseball cap, a variety of small, soft sports balls (soccer ball, baseball, basketball, hockey puck, etc.). smell of popcorn, peanuts, etc.

The most creative kits are created in advance and incorporate all of the senses.

The following is an example of a Sensory Planning Form
Title/Theme: Fruit
Recommended supplies, props and techniques for the following senses:
Olfactory (smell): fresh fruits, fruit-scented aroma oils, fruit-scented hand lotion, fruit scented candles
Kinesthetic (Movement): fruit-shaped shakers, squeeze a lemon to make lemonade, pull grapes off of the stems, etc.
Tactile (Touch): variety of plastic fruits, fresh fruits (peaches especially), familiar objects with fruit designs (towels, oven mitts etc.)
Visual (Sight): pictures of fruit, plastic fruits, fresh fruits, familiar objects
Auditory (Sound): music (In the Shade of the Old Apple Tree, Life is Like a Bowl of Cherries), fruit-shaped shakers
Gustatory (Taste): fresh fruits, fruit juices, lemonade, fruit Jell-O, applesauce, sherbet, fruit smoothies, fruit pies: fruit-flavored lip balm or lemon glycerin swabs for NPO
Sample Questions:
•What is your favorite fruit?
•Did you ever have a fruit tree? (Cherry, Peach, Apple, Pear, etc.)
•Did you ever have a grape vine?
•What is your favorite way to eat fruit?
•Have you even seen an orchard?
Fruit Sayings:
•There’s no comparing apples and oranges
•An apple a day keeps the doctor away
•You’re a peach
•Life is like a bowl of cherries
•The apple of your eye
•She’s some tomato
•That’s a peachy idea
•Nutty as a fruitcake
•Peachy glow
•You’re bananas
•American as Apple Pie
•That car is a lemon
•The fruit of thy womb
Save the day by creating these fantastic sensory boxes and kits based on the residents’ interests and various themes. It takes some planning and organization at first, but if maintained and stored appropriately, less preparation will be needed in the future. The residents will benefit from your SOS (success-oriented sensory program) more than you can imagine!


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